~ Da Billboard ~   10 comments

Glory built on selfish principles

is shame and guilt.

                                       William Cowper (1731 – 1800)

A Special Place … fer ta put any generic shameless ads ‘n  self promotions.

I see em all over da place these days so figured …

“Here’s a Thought ! ! “

That’s right … Just like on the sides ‘a the highways …


“A Billboard ! ! “


Does it Get Any Better Than This ! ! ! 



PS: . Management of "da Bunker" reserves the right to delete any shameless "ad" and/or

 "self promotion" deemed to be a shameless ad and/or self promotional.  






Posted March 19, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in Uncategorized

10 responses to “~ Da Billboard ~

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  1. Hi…
    First of all we congratulate you for your personal space…
    Your space has been visited  World Spacelist member “AntiCityBoys”
    This message has been left to you because “AntiCityBoys” believed that your space was eligible enough take place in Spaces List
    To take place in our list please add our Logo link to your space and leave membership request at out space comment section
    Have bloggy days…
    World Space List Group (1. YEAR)
    Our Logo Link
    <P align=center><A href="http://spaces.msn.com/members/spaceslist/"><IMG height=120 src="http://anticityboys.sitemynet.com/mynet_resimlerim/frm00001.jpg&quot; width=120></A></P>
    PS: Please keep our logo at your main page where it can be seen and do not change the size of it… Either wise it will be considered as a reason to delete your membership

  2. LOL!!!
    I like the disclaimer!!
    And funny !

  3. Your membership request has been approved. Your membership number is 10125 and will be activated within 24 hours. Please make sure to keep our logo on your main page.
    Have bloggy days…
    Welcome to World Spaces List Group (1. YEAR)

  4. Shameless lick an stick promotion her. Against all tradition with AAs. Suppose to be attraction.
    Ya it\’s funny how everyone has changed for the better since I went to AA.
    I agree with the Spacelist people, you\’re worth visiting. Sorry to say you\’re worth takin\’ the odd little ditty from too. Just took some of the fun little things. I\’m not up on this stuff enough yet to do myself or others any damage.
    Enjoy life, stay safe and have fun.

  5. Bunkies da best!!
    F*&k  the rest!
    Hey hey!
    Music trivia is up again, this time as well as lyrics, I also have the song playing on my media player!
    Come give it a try!

    Good afternoon |
    This is a personal invitation for you to become a member of the prestigious billionaires club.
    Membership is free, and all you have to do is place a link from your space to mine and in return, your name and a link to your space will be added to the Billionaires club list. Thanks
    We currently have 366 members
    We look forward to having you as one our elite members.

  7. I just launched a web site.  Any help spreading the word would be appreciated.
    If you like the site, please add a link to your MSN spaces and tell people about it.
    Much appreciated!
    Have a great day.

  8.  ~ This folloowing is actually a shameless lick \’n stick comment for the purpose of drumming up votes. Details can be found < here > Voting closes on June the 30th 06. It was left in the comment section \’a one \’a me blobs so I moved it here where it belongs.
      ~ Grumps ~

    good evening.. just doing a bit of blog hopping.. wow.. awesome site.. i have seen soo much beautifull spaces… in my hopping journey through space land.. awesome to find out you can go from one of the eworld to another.. and still stay home.. ehehehheh
    and to find wonderful friends.. blogging friends.. it is great.. anyways.. have a wonderful night now.. keep smiling.. keep shining.. and most of all keep safe..
    smiles and hugssss

  9. I totally rock……. Missing my site is like missing the sunrise or sunset.  LOL……….. Can you actually imagine being that full of yourself… LOL….. Ah good thing you know me buddy and know I am not a person of look at me look at me look at me.  LOL>…..
    chow hun

  10. All clear here Arch,your new friends are not promoting any events here.Peace.

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