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What luck for rulers that men do not think.  Adolf Hitler



Governing bodies, be it politicians, corporate leaders, or heads of churches  have, since the beginnin ‘a time, made it their goal to control both people’s minds and their actions. They may not be able to control the minds of open minded people but they can certainly to some great extent control their actions. We do after all have to live within the confines of societies standards.

 Dissension within the general population is one of their greatest tools in achieving this control by dividing the masses into groups of social levels lendin to some, false feelings of superiority while to others, false feelings of worthlessness. If it is true that all men are created equal, how is it that a waiter shouldn’t be enjoying the same levels of comfort as the very people he or she serves.

 As so-called higher education has for the most part become something reserved to people with higher financial ‘n social standings, it is not hard to understand how so many of these people come to truly believe that they deserve more, even at the price of the sweat off ‘a the backs of the hardest of workers while keepin em in a state of near destitution.

 I mean HEY ! ! ! When’s the last time you heard a politician or a CEO say … "How can we possibly consider giving ourselves raises while there are hard working people living in POVERTY without a decent MEAL ! ! ! ".

  The shame of it is that this mentality has even spilled over into unions and the blue collar community. Most obvious and prevalent amongst, but certainly not limited to, the automotive industry in the final assembly plants where the workers are constantly mongering for more, while right across the street, and belonging to the very same union, so called scabs {by the more pompous anyways} is doin the exact same job ‘n tryin ta support families at less than half the wages. And this, while the union executives and representatives are constantly advocating solidarity and equal pay for equal work. So much fer that thought, eh???

Hey, and while I’s thinkin of it … Was you aware that the national representatives of unions have there own union to negotiate their contracts with the very unions they represent. Kind ‘a sounds like a dog chasin it’s own tail, don’t it ! ! !

 If you do not want them controlling what you think ….


Keep an open mind ! ! !





Ok … And thanks to ~ Tasha ~ Gots ‘a new Link in da “Goodies Jar”

Is titled “Deep Thought” and is written by Jack Handy, whoever he is .. {LMAO}

Is a pretty good piece though … Should get ya laughin if’n ya gots any sense ‘a humor at all.

‘N Oh Yeah ! ! ! . This one ya gotta read ! . {LoL}


Later Kids … Take care

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Posted March 9, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

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  1. I\’m sure this is a very interesting entry.. however.. I seem to have ADHD tonight and can\’t handle reading lol.. just wanted to pop in and say hi 🙂

  2. hey there arch…..
    Politics, no matter where, no matter what type you nailed it on the head. It always seems to me that the only people those who are \’in power\’ are really looking out for is themselves and their buddies…..almost like nepotism gone looney……sometimes it makes hitler sound like a freakin genious (that isn\’t spelled right, my brain is still in reboot)….
    just thought i\’d stop by while i had a sec and such….
    cu round!

  3. Really good point, bunks!

  4. , oh yeah, bingo Arch. they do get carried away eh? Loved the haha link, lol great stuff Its been awhile my friend, sorry about that, very busy week, nice to catch up with you though, lol. yakkin right now as a matter of fact, have a good one Arch, humungous hugs, jazz

  5. Buenos Dias Grumps!! I just love your site, was wondering if I could link you on mine? Cheers!

  6. hey bud just stopped by…
    Jack handy is a character off Saturaday Night Live (not SNL)
    If you really didnt know, and if you were joking and you do know,
    well know you know twice!

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