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When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bustling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.

                                    Dale Carnegie




I so often wonder where all this {unfounded} Pride and Vanity comes from within the human race. What is it that has us thinkin so highly of ourselves? Of all the creatures on this planet, what is it that has us pumpin up ‘n poundin upon our chest boasting that we are the strongest {with the aid of technology}, fastest {again … technology}, and most of all, the smartest {debatable I spose} of them all ???

One ‘a the things what puzzles me to some great extent I spose is how, in conversation as well as what we teach our kids, certain subjects of mass commonality, normalcy, and import have become such issues of taboo by societies standards. Kept locked away in the closets of our minds and barricaded behind closed doors at the cost of the education to generation after generation of the youth. And this while we’ll spend endless hours dribbling over the most mundane tripe we can think of.

When it comes to the subject of relationships for instance, for generations now our youth have entered into this world near in total ignorance. In this day and age young men still see sexuality as a conquest while the young gals still view virginity as some kind ‘a sacred thing believing that the first time is to be something perfect and with the man they gonna spend the rest of their lives with. With all ‘a this goin on, neither the young men or gals even have any idea what the difference between sexuality and sensuality is. Nor would they have any notion of how the two can be mixed given different circumstances either within or outside of a committed relationship.

The phrase “archaic notions” comes to mind whenever I find myself giving any thought to this at all. In thinkin back to younger days as well as seein ‘n hearin what’s happenin out there today with the youth I honestly can’t say as I can see any advancement in this area what so ever.

Lets face it … For the most part young men and even men of a more seasoned age are still notchin their bedposts as if rackin up trophies and come on now gals ! ! … Lets be honest … Just how perfect was your first time after all. And how many of ya’s are still with that oh so perfect guy that ya’s experienced yer first time with. And I spose there’s no sense goin into how many women make it into their 40’s and beyond without ever experiencing ‘a “rock yer socks off, bang zoom, to the moon, around and through the rings of Saturn orgasm ! ! “ ….

OR IS THERE ? ? ? ? ?

And one more question. What’s with this notion that havin sex is makin Love ? ? ? . . . At the risk ‘a repeatin myself … Love is not somethin you can make. It either is or it is not and all da sex in da world, or lack there of, ain’t ‘a never gonna change that.

 If we continue to perpetuate Ignorance in this matter, how will men and women ever come to be able to differentiate the difference between sexuality, sensuality and this ~ ever elusive thing called love ~ ? ? ? … To be able to rise and fall to the wants, needs and desires of our partners ? ? ? … To be able to mix ‘n match the three in concentric harmony sufficiently and “equally” fulfilling and gratifying to both ? ? ?


One more little thing …. While it’s hot on the tip ‘a my tongue . . LoL . .

 {Get yer minds out ‘a the gutter now}

I am in favor of the legalization of Marihuana and as well the cultivation of Marihuana for the purpose of

personal use ! ! !

“Thank you ! !”


I hope ya’all are havin a great day ‘n will catch ya’s later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~




Posted February 6, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

5 responses to “~ Unfounded Pride ~

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  1. Wow Arch! As always your blogs usually have the most interesting things to talk about. For the most part I would have to agree with most of the stuff…including the wacky weed comment. 😉 LOL! Nobody\’s first time is EVER perfect. It\’s a whole lot of bumbling and fumbling around. It doesn\’t start getting perfect until you get much older and when you\’re in a relationship with some one you do love and trust. I have to say out of all my experiences in my life I do find that when you love each other the sex is usually the best in the world. You do whatever you can to make the other person happy and it usually evens itself out. Anyway I guess I better get going for now…need to get ready for work! Oh boy! LOL! Hope you have a wonderful day hon and keep writing the good blogs! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. Well now, another topic to ponder, lol, and just when I was hoping to come over for a break! Hmmm…. the first time, yup, it sucked, lmao, as a matter of fact basically sucked right straight to the 30\’s. so there goes that notion of needing to love somebody deeply eh? I loved somebody with everything in me, till I had absolutely nothing left to give, but did that make the sex good? Hell NO! I a firm believer that it takes two people to figure stuff out, and if one of them isnt willing or capable of trying different techniques, then forget about it. Everybody is different of course whith what "works" or doesnt. I can count my lucky stars that I am one of the ones that go t to the point of rock yer socks off, bang zoom, to the moon, around and through the rings of Saturn orgasm ! ! " …. lmao thank GAWD! Catch you later Arch, huge hugs,Glenda

  3. haahhahahaa
    cute pot plug at the end!
    Pot and sex equals love?? LOL jk jk

  4. wow what a blog!!!! dont even know what to make of it!!
    lmao to your comment ………but isn\’t true?!!lol
    thanx for your idea ,its wonderful .i might just do that thanx later  hon  ((((
    (((((big hugs)))))

            Oh my goodness archie the stuff that you come up with. That had me laughing all the way to the washroom. Keep it up archie and we will learn the tenique sooner or later. So long for now the one and only snoopy.

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