WAR !! Boom-Boom-Boom !! What is it good for ???   12 comments


A lifetime of happiness ! ! No man alive could bear it; it would be hell on earth.  George Bernard Shaw

All righty then kiddies … Time ta take a look at “world peace“, or lack there of. I know, I know, we all wants it. Point ‘a fact, I do believe it ranks number one on the top ‘a the general populations wish list. I’’s not so sure about the political, corporate magnate, ‘n churches populations wish list though, as unrest, strife, prejudice, war, and all the rest ‘a all that great stuff does so seem ta be their very bread ‘n butter. If society on a global basis ran like a top, these freaks would be no more important than you and I.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I thinks about war, the term what first comes ta my mind is “a necessary evil”. I mean if ya think about it, how could we possibly ever go without it, right ??? I’m sure that somewhere out there is some number cruncher who’d love nothin better ‘n ta figure out the math fer a price, but I’s just not up to it, so I won’t even begin ta go into numbers. Suffice ta say that throughout time, startin way back before the crusades, wars have been responsible for quite some astronomical number of deaths.

So are ya seein where I’s goin with this yet kids. … pretty tough ta do math without numbers but lets just give it a shot here and say that “X” equals shoulder space. If’n ya takes the population of the world as it is now, and add our astronomical number ‘a folks what’s bin killed in all the wars, … already “X” is startin ta equal a whole lot less shoulder space, ain’t it ! ! !

But hey ! ! ! Lets not get too exited now. … We ain’t even near done doin the math yet. Not by a long shot I’m afraid.

Of course most all ‘a these folks would ‘a died off by now, I mean how many ‘a the old boys is still kickin around from WW1, never mind the frickin crusades and whatever wars came before that shyte. So Ok, that gives us a little more shoulder space but the human race does so like to procreate now don’t we. So ya take each ‘a these people and figure in how many kids they would ‘a had. An average of three kids each I’m thinkin would be a modest guess, more fer some I spose. And then how many generations, each one ‘a these kids addin three ‘a their own to the total, ‘n that number multiplyin by three more and so on and so on till that astronomical number is getting ta seem almost to an infinite amount. Keep adding and adding and adding and Yikes! ! ! I’m thinkin by now that, “X” is startin ta look like no friggin shoulder space at all.

So now that we’s livin in a “world without war“, the question what begs ta be asked is, are we gettin any closer to what we so lovingly likes ta call “world peace“???

Well I spose ta be able to answer that question one must first give consideration to just exactly what are the implications of our little world without war. Take into account what the possible population count might be, how many people per square mile, or by now mayhap per square meter, and let yer mind run rampant.

Personally I find it to be an absolute scary venture ta put too much thought into that one. This old rock we live on is just about tapped out as it is. When ya think about all the mining of resources and clearing ‘a land we’s done to accommodate the population we have now, how could one possibly expect there to be enough space or resource for the population of a … “World Without War”.

I’s not ‘a gambling man, but I can tell ya this. If I were to wager a bet on this one, it’d be that this old rock ‘n everythin on it would have died off some good long while ago.

War is perpetuated and choreographed by the people in power the likes ‘a Politicians, Corporate CEOs, Bank Magnates, and at times even the Churches. And with our Global society bein such as it is, I do believe that war is indeed … a very “necessary evil”. If for no other reason, we rely on war to keep the world population in check. I think of it as our answer to population control, leave it at that, and for that I spose one could say that mayhap we should be thankful of war.

This is not to say I take comfort in this as world peace seems a pretty sweet deal to me as well, but the reality is that we have some lot ‘a smartening up ta do before we can ever expect er even consider the concept of “World Peace”.

Let me just ask you this … What concessions and sacrifices would you be willing and prepared to make to achieve “World Peace” ???


Posted January 5, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

12 responses to “WAR !! Boom-Boom-Boom !! What is it good for ???

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  1. ugh… this is my first stop this morning, lmao, i would have to chose you first today eh? but you know what? I need a coffee before I can even grasp the meaning of this, lol sorry Arch, I will be back after I chew on this for a bit ok? Happy Thursday sunshine, lol hugs smack smack smackkkkk!

  2. ~ ROFLMAO ~ All righty then Pathless . LoL . I\’s \’a waitin … PATIENTLY ! ! ! . LoL

  3. ok,…i guess that means i\’m next then,…too late ta pleed to early,…lmao,..ugg,…all i can say for sure arch is,…..i for one don\’t understand what makes people hate one another enough to project this much hatred in this world,…but,..let\’s just think bout the boys in the sandbox for a moment,…whatever one has,..even if the toy truck was bought at the same time at the same place for both, you can guarentee they will fight over it,…so,…to acheive world peace seams unattainable in so many cercumstances,…gonna think some more on this though,…i\’ll be back,….hope your havin a groovy thursday hunhappy

  4. Even though it ain\’t moring here now I think that I need to ponder your blog for a bit..lol…alot to think about and analize..but for the moment i just want to wish you a very happy new year!Roxy

  5. OMG!! Well I have read it for the second time today, I have had mega coffees and Im still no damn wiser, lmao! I do have my two cents worth to add to the reason for war though, I think it simply has to do with the economy. Recession, Depression, all goes into the pot. Greed, from our lovely politicians, and foreign governments also have a hand in it. As for your question of what I would be willing to sacrifice, wow, I have never given it a second thought! thats an awful thing to admit, but its true. So now I have to leave again and come back when I have the answer, lol dont hold your breath! Have a terrific Thursday evening though, smackers and huggies! lol

  6. Wow Arch…..That\’s some blog! LOL! It was good though. You made a real good point. To add to it not only war keeps the population down but so does disease. Now I know today we have more meds to keep illness away but it doesn\’t get rid of all of it. Plus some bacteria are becoming immune to the meds that we do have. So maybe even with world peace just the illnesses alone would help keep things in check. Still in a perfect world there would be no illness, wars, starvation or death but then it\’s not a perfect world nor will it ever be. Maybe that\’s kind of a good thing….see if we didn\’t have any bad…how would we know what good was and to truly enjoy the good things we have. Good Lord I\’m getting intellectual and deep…hold on to your hat! LOL! Oh btw….you go right a head and get those Calvin pics if ya want. They are there to enjoy and to give people a giggle…I\’m really glad you liked em. 🙂 Yeah I\’m hoping this is just a work break for Colin too. He says he\’s bored now and is ready to find another job. LOL! I know exactly what that is like. I\’ve been there done that myself. Yeah I wished I hadn\’t fallen asleep during that game either but I was feeling so sick I couldn\’t help myself. I couldn\’t have picked a worse time to get a migraine! Well hon I better get going for now. I really enjoyed the blog…very thought provoking! Hope you had a wonderful day and I\’ll talk to you again soon! HUGS!Love & Blessings,Martha

  7. Oh Arch grrr! I dont want to think tonight, do I have to? are we there yet? lol You cant make me, roflmao! Oh shyte! Im in a goofy off mood today, just sort of veggin ,lol later! humungous hugs

  8. No one would like to see the dentist, but sometimes people do have bad teeth.

  9. hey bud, its Friday! about time eh? Thanks for the pick me up! lol needed that for sure, have an awesome weekend! hugs and smacks! lol

  10. roflmao!! Omg those pics are cute, lol where did you get them at? hilarious,smackers lol

  11. Good mornin sunshine, lol I had me a little game of space tag last night, lol , huge hugs

  12. hey archie!!!Great blog,True that population is a defenate problem!!(soon were ganna get pushed off the planet)! lol.no but realy, i think it should be controled in a humane way(*passing a new law,) decreasing family size to a max of like one kid per family for instance ,unfortuanatly war and deseases would most likely to fix the problem first!Even if that was taken care of other problems would still arive ,i beleive we do live in a unfairtoxic deadly sick,sick world,people just need to grasp the fact the realatie of life (this life)not the one\’s we all dream of….it makes people crazy!! I think im heading there!but ,i\’ve heard my whole life that people are the one\’s that can make a difference(YEAH RIGHT)!!!mabey,of the little things,but for the greater part of it theres always ganna be evil when one problem goes away theres another.love this topic its something everybody should step up and see things as for what they realy are,Hey you never know If we all pulled togerther and become one strong entity,mabey and just mabey we could all make a difference? ahhhh i could go on,and,on!!!! this issue should be taken more seriously considering the one\’s that are here would like to stay here . lots of hugs and well talk to yeah later hon xxxxxxoooooo kimmi

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