The Great Art of Giving.   23 comments

The great art of giving consists in this:

The gift should cost very little, and yet be greatly coveted so that it may be more highly appreciated.

Baltasar Gracian

Pleasant Surprises of a generous nature don’t come around all that often, and when they do, it is near impossible to not feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

I was headin out to da Bunker this mornin fer a smoke at one point, and as I was just on my way through the open door, I notices this little grey shopping bag hangin off ‘a the door knob.

Me first thought was someone just droppin by and left ‘a ball cap on the door. When I pulls the thing out ‘a the little shopping bag, I see it’s this sturdy little shoulder bag here.

I don’t think ya’s need ta be told which is the new ‘n which the old one??? 


Now, the old one there I’d say has ta be near on to 25 years old. It seems ta me that I would have picked that up somewhere’s about 1981/82. That old bag bin through Hell and back again a couple ‘a times already, and I’ve even had the pleasure ‘a fixin the old bag on the sewin machine a couple ‘a times ta keep it in such immaculate shape.

It was time fer that old bag ta be retired some bunch of years ago, and time fer a Younger, NEWER Model ! ! ! !

I had looked a couple ‘a times whenever I was in the army surplus store, but never saw nothin near as practical, so the old bag never got retired when she ought to ‘a bin.

I’ve not a clue who it’s from. There’s no card, no note, nor even a clue who it could ‘a bin. I guess ya could say that this is kind ‘a what I see Santa Clause to be.

Definitely not a person, nor even a friggin crotchety old elf … He is a concept, more or less, and will exist in our minds just as long as we care ta let him.

See … Santa had to know how much I liked that old bag, would have to ‘a knowed what it looked like, how practical ‘n versatile it’s bin over the years, and how picky I is about what could possibly replace it. Or at least retire it to less strenuous and frequent tasks. Then to be in a store, or to go to that store, see it, put all these thoughts together at the same time ‘n get it. I don’t know if I’s got that in me. I’d just as likely walk past that perfect thing ‘a million times, and never have all ‘a them thoughts come together at the same time.

This thing of it though, to me, it doesn’t matter who it’s from!! In fact, it might just be better not ta know. But to whomever, this would be the kind ‘a gift what gets a Thousand Thanx.

Well I spose I’s good fer another 25 years now, Eh!!

Take care Santa, will catch ya’s later

Happy NEW YEAR All ! ! !

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Posted December 30, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Bright Side Blobs ~

23 responses to “The Great Art of Giving.

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  1. Hey Arch,Awwwwwwww That was so nice for somebody to give to ya! It\’s a sharp lookin bag! It\’s little things like that which makes your heart just glow. I want to say thank you for the kind words you gave me. It really has meant the world to Colin & I. Today I\’m feeling a lot better than I was. I think the initial shock has worn off and now we can both think a bit more clearly. There seems to be a few doors opening up for both of us too. Now it\’s a bit too early to get our hopes up but still it\’s enough to keep us going. Thanks for giving your support hon! It has really put a smile on my face. Hope you have a wonderful New Year yourself and I\’ll talk to you again soon. HUGS!Love & Blessings,Martha

  2. ohhhhhhh…PS… Mom\’s e-card did make me a little teary eyed. But it also warmed the old heart strings too! Love & Blessings,Martha

  3. Happy happy New year!!!! woohoo, hope yours is wonderful, Im sure it will be, you are well loved in these parts Arch! Enjoy your time out with your folks, Im sure they will love having you. And Im very glad that whoever sent you that replacement bag, didnt put their name on it, lol, this way it wont be returned eh? big hugs and i will catch you soon, im sure

  4. Hello Archie dear…thanks for your nice wishes…indeed I am happy that my son is going to move out soon..Was just very difficult to find a flat for him and so I let him move in here again.I have a bunch of good intensions for the coming year….one of them I have already realized..I finally stopped smoking..and from Tuesday on I am going to loose weight.*hehe*at least 15kg.And hopefully I can pick up my school again. How did you understand my German text? all the best for you in 2006…may all your wishes come true*g*whatever it might be.hope to hear from you soon again..its always a pleasure to read your linestake care darling*gg*be goodbye bye Elke

  5. See no such thing as santa. Wrong as you can see who ever he is or what ever he looks like no matter what that jolly old soul always knows what to bring. God bless his soul. Glad to hear you got something you can use and enjoy for many more years. Happy New Years take care lots of hugs from snoopy,

  6. i have come to wish you a happy new year,i hope it is as wonderful as you are archie have a good night bye for now tess,

  7. Hello Archie…HAPPY NEW YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR!!!!!!well sometimes I could need an translator indeed..yer slang is killin\’ meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Me and my well educated Oxfrod English*LOL*Teachers here would freak out…anyway..hope you have had a good New Years Eve party. hope to catch you soon again..take care dearElke

  8. Hey Arch!!!!! its a brand new year hon! And of course I is stopping by to wish one of my fav all time guys the most happiest and blessed new year ever. I will miss your mug on msn this weekend, lol bunker withdrawls. lmao! But anywhoo, have a great time, enjoy yourself, and most important, come back safely. big hugs sweetie. mwuah!

  9. GRRRRRROOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL!!!! There! See I\’m after em! LOL! Thanks for stopping by Arch and for the New Years wishes! Have one heck of an awesome 2006 yourself hon and a bah hum bug to the Grinch! LOL! Love & Blessings,Martha

  10. hi arch, better late than never eh? im here wishing you a happy new year man. so let it be a good one ok? huggies! smack, smack, lmao

  11. And now Im here wishing you a happy Tuesday, lol and to say sorry I didnt get to catch up with you yesterday afternoon, or eveing. Im getting bad, so busy, and so little time. But I will make it up to you today! I promise. smack, smack, huggggggs!

  12. Hey there ARchie HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know i\’m alittle late in the matter,Sorry about that! Better late than never Eh? Im wishin you a wonderful happy,happy 2006 for you and the people that you care about around youin hopes that this year things will look up! and bless that sweet heart of yours and all that should come to you Arch.It would be well deserved on your part!! Whishing you the very best.P.S have you had a chance to find out who santa was? how wonderful to know someonewas thoughtful enouph to give you something with great meaning that can actually touch the heart.gatta love Santa!!!Hugs and lots of kisses kimmi.

  13. Hey sweetness, how are you today? Hope you enjoyed your little getaway, lol and came back all rested up and ready to put in a new blog, lmao now hows that for a hint eh? Have a super Tuesday anywho. lol humungous hugs

  14. just wanted to stop by and wish you the best for 2006 arch,…we have shared many memories,..and a wholelotta laughs, that\’s for sure,….some still bring tears to ma eyes just thinkin bout how hard we\’ve laughed,….i want to wish you all that and more for this year hun,…your a special man who has a heart of gold, and you deserve all the besthope your doin well, and ya trip on by soon,…perhalps grab kimmi,..i think she\’s forgotten the way,…lol,…(((((((HUGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSS))))))))happy,…and happy\’s hubby tooo,…

  15. just stopped by to wish ma uncle arch HAPPY NEW YEAR,…thank you for taking such good care of me when my mommy and daddy need,.."time" without me,……((((((((((((((((((((((((((((bark bark)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))harleybug

  16. Just checking things out. Have a great New Year!Karen

  17. Holy Geez bye, you musta been a really good boy last year eh. Now all ya gotta do is go shoppin for the shoes ;D That was so nice of someone.They must think you are deserving of it. Gotta jet. Bye 4 now ~Iris

  18. ugh… oh Arch, I have been up since 3 man! Just cant sleep, so I thought Id slip by da bunker and see if you had the java on yet, lol and to see if my "hint" happened,lmao nope! thats ok, lol, we still love ya. humungous huggggggggs!

  19. Hi there… Archie dear darling *g*hope you are doing fine and everythin is alright with the weather is so awful…the whole day grey in grey..really makes me depressive.take care ..see youElke

  20. Helloooooooooo Archie darling hon babe*biiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile*your cheer up worked as you can see…thanks for it!kiss kiss Elke

  21. Howdy Arch,Glad you enjoyed the Calvin cartoons. A friend of mine sent those to me in an e-mail and I just had to share them with everybody. I like ole Calvin myself. Good stuff! I didn\’t get to wear the Santa hat today but I was still celebrating all the same. If we do have any Florida State fans in town I have no idea where they are at. Probably sitting in the corner licking their wounds. LMAO!!!! 😉 Oh I\’m sooooooo mean!!! Glad you had a good New Years. I can understand being tired of Turkey though since we just had it back in November for our Thanksgiving. Thankfully my family tends to make a ham for Christmas and of course if you live in Pennsylvania it\’s customary to have the old pork and sour kraut for New Years. Which I enjoyed greatly! It\’s time to eat so I better get going. LOL! HUGS to ya!Love & Blessings,Martha

  22. hi Arch, well I am popping by again. lol yeah, Im sure Jen just loved all the compliments, lmao NOT! she gets embarrased easily, lol I just finally finished updating, i know, i said i wasnt going to, lol, but I got carried away after visiting Island girl, lol coulnt resit. so sue me eh? huge hugs !

  23. I got "served" one time when I was a kid. I always coveted the largest gifts, so one yr I got it! Yeah who!!! I unwrapped the large box, to find a smaller box, and another , and another I went about ten more boxes until I got to a teeine weenie one. When I opened that? It was hair elastics. That stopped my adolecent urge to have the biggest gift alright!

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