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Archie Bunker: Who put the last roll of terlit paper on the spool up there?
Mike Stivic
: I did.
Archie Bunker:
I mighta knew that. The terlit paper is supposed to go over the spool, not under.


Before I get too used to it and ferget what I wanna say about it I guess I better get at it here.


I’ve never used oil in da fry pans up till about ‘a week ago. It’s always bin margarine whenever I do up anything and always thought that was as good as it gets.


So I was out ta Price Choppers with ~Brenna~ one day ‘n we gets to the aisle where all da different oils is at ‘n Bren starts talkin bout I should be tryin olive oil out ‘n see what I think about it. She uses the stuff all da time ‘n has nothing but good things ta say about it.


Havin never used oil ta fry with I was somewhat septic bout it cause I figured I’d end up throwin the better half ‘a it away. Olive oil bein the priciest of em all, I started lookin at the others when along come this old retired Navy chef. He must ‘a seen I was in da decision makin mode cause he went straight to the Canola oil and immediately started on the virtues ‘a the stuff and how that’s the only kind ‘a oil he would ever use. Of course while he was cookin in da Navy, it was always the big four litre jugs. Go figure eh.


Well he got me sold on it ‘n before the old boy could say “row, row, row me boat”, one bottle ‘a Canola oil was in da cart and on its way to da register.


Now, when ya try’s something new, that’s when ya notice the biggest difference. After a while ya get used to it and the impact is no longer there. But man oh man, am I ever impressed with the newness ‘a cookin with Canola oil. So far it’s just bin sausages, eggs, turkey bacon, home fries ‘n some hamburg I fried up ta make a goulash. It’s quite something though how much nicer things fry up, brownin nicer, less stickage in da pan ‘n the taste is oh so much cleaner is the only way I can think ta put it. And surprisingly enough I’s not noticed any oily residue on anything. I have noticed a bit more splatterin but I’m wonderin if that could just be that I’s cookin at just a tad on da too hot side?


Needless ta say, the Canola’s sittin out on da counter right beside da stove here now and I’m thinkin mayhap margarine has seen its last days ‘a windin up in any ‘a my pots ‘n pans. Could there be any exceptions to da rule? How about panny cakes? Would one be better off stickin with margarine fer them? Or, how’s about scrambled eggs maybe? I always does them in ‘a small sauce pan with a bit ‘a margarine and am wonderin if I might just be better off stickin ta that?


While I was talkin ta ~Brenna~ ‘n telling her how much I is enjoyin da oil over margarine she says that the difference ‘a jumpin ta olive oil over Canola id be about the same as the jump from margarine to Canola. So who knows, eh? Maybe next time I needs oil I’ll give it a whirl ‘n see if’n it’s all what it’s bragged up ta be.


So hey!!! . If’n it’s too hot in da kitchen … Stay away from da cook!!!


Have ‘a great one all and I’ll catch ya’s later.

Ciao fer now.



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Posted December 28, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

3 responses to “Holy Canola ! ! !

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  1. Good morning sunshine, a cooking topic, lol, how appropriate eh? lmao I use canola, olive oil and margarine to cook with. Depending on what I am cooking, but if it is sausage or any other type of meat, i usually end up adding more water than anything else. mmm it browns beautifully, and the natural juices flow and make a perfect gravy every time. We all have our own little ways eh? Whatever works. Happy hump day Arch, and big hugs

  2. We use olive oil in our house like you said about the splattering that is from having the heat up to high as I learn quit quickly about that when I had to start wipping down where all the knobs were and the back and around the burners from all the splattering now your question about using it to cook scrabble eggs well I can\’t see why not we use it for everything, also in salads. We use it to make garlic bread so enjoy it. It does make your food taste better and looks better. Have a good day and will catch you later gaitor.

  3. I am a big cook. For your heart health, I would suggest olive oil. Olivina is an olive oil  based margerine . And for baking only, I use butter,( vitimins like K) but rarely. Stick to the olive oil or olive oil products for a healthy strong heart, and good cholesterol.Margerine is infact vegtable oil, cooked at extremly high temperatures to get that coagulation.

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