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What makes a person good by societies standards isn’t how much evil one learns, but rather, how much evil one learns to control …

Archie Rilett


        Ya know … It never ceases to amaze me how any time, and it seems near every day now, that there’s a story in the news about someone killin someone, maming, beating, or whatever, that there’s always the people who just can’t seem to understand how this could possibly happen. Comments the likes ‘a “How could someone possibly do something like that to another human being??” ‘n such. Yeah, eh?? Liken it’s alright ta go ‘n club the shyte out of an defenseless seal pup just so’s momma can have a brand new fur coat!!!

        I know, I know!! The war against seal pup huttin is on as well. Just a comparison kids. Anyways, back ta folks beatin, ‘n maiming they of our own kind. It comes as no surprise to me what so ever I tells ya. We are, after all, just another species of animal on this planet. No more, no less. And consequently just as violent, OR MORE SO in nature as any other creature. We’ve got close set eyes. By all account, don’t that make us a predator species???

        It is my belief that we are born inherently, genetically, and instinctively evil by nature. It’s bred right into us long before we ever pushes through the birth canal ta get our very first look at the light ‘a day. Most folks like to believe that we are born innocent and pure with no malicious attributes, and that the people who are evil by societies standards had to learn how to be this way. Are babies really that cute such as we’s so very blinded to the truth???

        Well I know that I could take a pile ‘a flack over this, and that there are plenty ‘a folk who would argue till they’re blue in the face, but truth is, we are born a selfish, greedy, lying, deceitful, thieving, conniving, backstabbing, violent species right from the get go.

        So Hey … Go ahead and give it yer best shot, but before ya do you might want ta give this some thought, and see if ya can explain it to me in a manner such as would convince me differently. Explain to me how it is that a six month old toddler playin with say, a stuffed toy, gets bored, crawls away from it, and then throws a fit of rage just as soon as another kid crawls in and starts playin with that very same toy. Do please esplain to me where this little monster learned this nasty, evil behaviour. Or how bout a kid that comes fer a visit, takes to some little toy ya have kickin about, and then throws a chronic temper tantrum come time to leave cause he, or she can’t take the toy with ’em??? Do ya spose Mommy ‘n Daddy taught they’s little six month old baby this charming behaviour??? 

        So yeah … All these violent crimes of one against a fellow human being, or even one country against another in the form of war we keep hearin about on the radio, television, and readin in the paper … It comes as ablolutely no surprise to me, what so ever. It is human nature in its purest form. It is who, ‘n what we are!! No more, and most certainly, no less!!! Or is it no less, and certainly no more?? Take yer pick I spose. 

        It does so sadden ‘n disappoint me, and even depresses the hell out ‘a me at times given that we are supposedly the most intelligent creature on the planet … BUT!!! … Even when we hear of the most hideous of crimes such as the likes ‘a Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka, Serial Killer and Rapist Team , (June 1991) or this latest domestic murder in Toronto, Man charged in Toronto body parts murder,  (Nov. 2005) The very last thing you’ll be hearing pass through my lips would be … “HOW  COULD  SOMETHING  LIKE  THAT  POSSIBLY  EVER  HAPPEN ! ! !  

        Well … Enough said I spose … Be good kids and I’ll catch ya’s later.

        Ciao fer Now.


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Posted December 9, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

7 responses to “Human Nature

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  1. Hey Arch,Very good blog my dear! I would have to totally agree with you! Anyone that is a parent fully understands where you are coming from. I know from raising 3 children and also babysitting that everything you say is true. The main thing is… a parent we have to guide our children and teach them to do the right thing. That\’s what sets us above animals. Children have to learn from day one that for every action there is always a consequence. Be it good or bad. Children need discipline so that they can learn to control the bad urges and treat others with respect and kindness. Along with the discipline they need to be shone love too. Both should always go hand in hand and in the end children grow up to be good human beings. Hope you have had a wonderful day and have an awesome weekend!Love & Blessings,Martha

  2. hey hon well ,its seems just like yesterday we were just talking about this and i agree! i mean everything you just said makes pure comman sense.I would love to hear some one try to convince you other wise, it oght to be interesting! but we had a go at it and i was surprised i hadn\’t thought of it that way before.Could it be that i\’ve herd it a hundred times(" not to corrupt the innosent ??") Mabey but your right! it is realy what we teach are kids !There for that would make me and everybody else a form of one way or another as controling as how everything else in this world .If we didn\’t have some sort of control it would be complete caoss!!! So every one don\’t be so hard on the little ones/its just in us. later kimmi

  3. Naw, you will never convince me of that one Arch. Not if I live to be 100. Sorry dear, I had 3 of my own, as a matter of fact, I was one also a long long long time ago! I dont ever remember having vicious, malicious, greedy,or otherwise nasty thoughts against anyone. Looking back, as I often do, I remember a very warm childhood, concerned only that my sister was taken care of completely[she was adopted at 3 weeks old, and I had forever had the fear that they would come and take her back] I remember thinking also that my parents were the best, Even as a young toddler age 2[yes i do have many memories from that age] To me, they could never be wrong, about anything! lol It wasnt until I grew to a teenager that I question some of the rules and reasons. I say questioned, not utter rebellion. And it was through other kids at school that these thoughts seeped into my mind.Does having loving, generous parents make a difference? Probably. Does having parents who instill strong religious belief in us help? You bet. I am not a religious person, but I am a believer. To this day, it has had a tremendous impact on my life, and also on my children and grandchildrens lives. I also believe that genetics has NO place in how a person turns out. We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Some good, some bad. We make our choices.So as much as I respect you as a person, I strongly DISAGREE with you on this one. But hey, what are friends for eh? lol big hugs my friend

  4. hummmmm,…i don\’t know arch,…i know we\’ve talked bout this one too,…(kimmie ,…we gotta get coordinated on the visitin thing,…lol) and spent more money than i care to mention,…(osap) in behavoural science to understand human nature,…but,…as you know,…i would be the last one to give advise bout this with my present frame o mind bout people right now,…but,….i guess i still would rather beleive that people do have just as much good in them as bad,.. however,…i do know that i could never imagine facing my parents to tell them that i had taken another\’s life,..or robbed someone,..that alone is deterence enough, i think it does have alot to do with what kids learn as acceptable,….but,..that\’s just ma 2 cents\’ worth,….lol,..and,…thanks for stoppin by ma space and your kind words bout nanna,…i know we talked bout this last week,…and you know how much she ment to me,…i guess it just balanced everything else a bit more for me to write it down,…so,…thank you hun,…well,…goin back out to da garage,…gots da fire roarin now,…lol,…so hope ya pop by soon,…uggg,..i just left you a freekin novel too,…sorry bout that,…i\’z been away too long,…lol,..((((((((((((((((((HUGGGGSSSSSSSSSSS))))))))))))hope ya have a groovy weekend hunbrenna

  5. I remember one day I was talking to my doctor about something like this you can be raised in a good family enviroment and have two loving parents and then you can come from a not so good enviroment and not have two loving parents and I have to say its not so much the kids being raised from the not so good enviroment causing the crime it could be just as much the kid that was being raised from the good loving enviroment who is out killing and causing the crime I think its something that has to do with alot of the media and all of these video games that promotes violents its not the question of what kind of up bringing we have had if a person is going to do something like that their going to do it no matter what. Well take care all and merry christmas

  6. i liked the quote at the top of this Blog Archie,brad.

  7. Hey  !  Read this quote at ur request!  I agree totally!  We are born with the evil.  Trick is to be smart enough and faithful enough (in WHATEVER) to overcome our very nature and exist as harmonious beings.  Sometimes it works (like Canada in my opinion),  and sometimes it doesn\’t.  Whatever happens there is a purpose and a lesson for the future.  Love your blog.  I\’ll definately keep up with you!  Love to you & yours!!  Momma! 

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