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Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix. Christina Baldwin



            Ya know, I’ve been wonderin for some time now if these so called natural disasters are all that natural. Seems near every time I tune into the news there’s some natural disaster happenin somewhere be it a torrential rainstorm causin landslides and floods, tornados, hurricanes, ice storms, tidal waves, earthquakes, just always something goin on anymore. What I’m thinkin is perhaps Mother Nature is maybe tryin to tell us something. Like maybe to ease up off ‘a her ass just a wee bit here.

             I know there’s all this talk of the ozone all the time and the global warmin issue and I don’t argue that. But what if there’s more to it than that. What if a large part of the problem comes into play long before the fossil fuels are ever burned and puked into the atmosphere.

            The thing that got me thinkin is the tires on a car. When you go out and get a new set, the very first thing you do is get them puppies balanced so’s they run nice and smooth. And if they get out of balance, while your driving down the road you gonna feel em ka’chunkin with every mile ya drive, right??

            It occurs to me often that we as a species, the supposed smartest species on the planet I might add, have overpopulated and over industrialized to the point where our little rock island in the skies is no longer running on a true and balanced course. Kind’a like that wheel{earth} on the car bein out ‘a balance and ka’chunkin along its course on a smooth stretch of roadway{earth’s orbit}. Eventually, somethin’s gonna give and it aint gonna be the roadway.

            Now I’ve no idea how old the earth is but over the course of time it’s gone through some pretty major changes. Weathered some pretty bad storms, a couple’a ice ages maybe, volcanoes and whatever moving all the land masses around to do what?? Balance its self much like we balance a tire??  … And then along comes us !!!

            Like the gnats on ‘a dogs ass drivin it insane. Digging, scrapin, boring, movin things around and dare I say, putting the earth out of balance on it’s very axis.

            Just think for a minute how much weight has bin stripped out ‘a the ground through our insatiable need and greed for oil and coal. Or how’s about the endless amount of ores we’ve dug up to make steel. Copper, nickel, brass, gold, diamonds for all our nic nac’s and crackernackies. Entire forests stripped clean to the top soil for all our construction and furniture needs.

            To my way of thinkin, all this mining and harvesting of the earth’s minerals and ores is no different than takin the weights from one spot on  the wheel and either tossin em across the yard as is seemingly the way with fossil fuels, or putting em on the already heaviest spot on the wheel as is the case with large cities where we just keep pouring concrete and putting up more and more steel reaching higher and higher as we go. I personally find it hard to believe that with all this redistribution of weight, that we are not causing detrimental damage to the very planet we rely and live on.


            So I wonders … could all of this be as much or even more so responsible for all these so called natural disasters, or acts of God as some would like to call em, as is the ozone layer bein thinned out and havin a few holes poked into it???  Is good ole planet earth bein shook off its axis as it speeds around the sun because of our arrogance’s?? Even if we were to get the ozone back into shape, is this old rock still doomed as long as we keep gouging out these humungous chunks and redistributing them in the wrong places to suite our wants and needs ?? Is she gonna split in two one day as if a diamond bein split by a gemologist ???




            Just a little something to THINK about, Eh ??? … You wanna call it “acts of god"or “natural disasters” … be my guest. But from what I’ve seen, it would make a whole bunch more sense to call these disasters “ACTS OF MAN !!!!”


Hope ya all have a great weedend

 ~ Ciao fer now Kidlets ~




Posted October 28, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

7 responses to “Something to Think About !!

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  1. Wow thats deep for a Sunday! I think you may be onto something hon. They should hire you as an associate to those scientists! Give them all another opinion to toss about. Its a scary time we live in, no doubt about it. And man is making it even more scarier even as I type this. But Im going to get off this topic for now at least, cuz I have enough of my own crap to deal with right now! lol So I want to send happy thoughts your way sweetie, and lots of love. You have a good day sunshine.

  2. Hey Arch,I would probably have to agree with you on that one. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Halloween! Hope to speak to you soon!Love & Blessings,Martha

  3. hummmm,…sounds like a debate for da bunker next time i\’m over eh,……lolhope your havin a wonderful tuesday,…ya seemed just fine when i left,…lolsee ya later((((((HUGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)))))))happy,…and happy\’s hubby,…ohhhh and harleybug toooooo,…

  4. I have to agree with is all our fault what is happening to the earth ozone..the scientists have predicted some of what has happened so far..and they are predicting much worse unless we all change our way of living..our generation will not have to worry about what is coming..but our children that the kind of world that we want them to grow up in? Great blog today..Roxy

  5. Happy Hump Day Arch, I was just lookin through your album. wow, beautiful! Trees! lol [sigh…] Oh how I miss the trees. I also recognized a face or two in them! lol Hugs sweetie

  6. You have it right. It is mostly us to blame we are the ones that will eventually take this world out. Some people don\’t take things seriously when it comes to recycling its for are benefit it is us who need to make changes to save this earth but if we keep on doing all the wrong things there will be nonthing left us this world and who is to blame no one but are selves. Good blog keep up the good work. Have a good one and take care its been awhile.

  7. Good morning, again Arch, guess yer out enjoying the sun eh? Good for you, enjoy some for me while you are at it, cuz I forget what it looks like. Have a great day hon.

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