Mammas’ !!! . Keep yer chillen on a leash !!!   11 comments


Hoooooly Crap Kids !!!!


Check this shiznit out !!!!!!!




Man oh Man I bin waitin fer this !!!!!!!




Yeah Mammas’ …. Keep yer Chillen on ‘a leash tonight fer sure. LOL

The way this traffic bin comin through here while the roadway was gravel and dust. … Wait en see em go when they come through HERE and find …




I just know these FRICKIN drivers are gonna be just flyin down here tonight. WON’T be THEIR FAULT of course. When they get in here and see the asphalt, their brains I’ll cave in, they’ll be shakin their fists in da air en screamin …





 Yeah Man !! they’ll be doin like “90 mile ‘n hour on ‘a dead end street”!!! LoL


Oh Yeah Mamma !!! . LoL . Friday afternoon RUSH HOUR is just around the corner !!!!

KEEP em CHILLEN on a LEASH !!!!!

I’ll be updating Kids . LoL

Later all …


Posted October 7, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in Uncategorized

11 responses to “Mammas’ !!! . Keep yer chillen on a leash !!!

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  1. rotflmfao,…sweeeeet,..we\’ll be down in the vette soooon,…lmao,….can ya go mark out a 1/4 mile for us hun???see ya at da bunker later,…hope your havin a groovy friday,…((((((((HUGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS))))))))))happy

  2. Woooheeee!!!! Asphalt ya say! Well now buddy, you will be dangerous! lol I know I would be if I lived near by! I HATE slow pokey drivers! they stomp on my last nerve. Hey You!! ya you bud, THANKYOU!!!!!!MUAHHHH!!!!! huggggggggsssss

  3. Have a very Happy thanksgiving my friend! I\’m with you in spirit.

  4. Hey…just swinging on by to check out the bunker..glad you finally got rid of all the dust from the cars flying all ya gotta worry about is being hit by one of those maniacs with their hands in the you have a great long weekend!!Roxy

  5. Is your street paved now? lol I suppose its just like Cauga {spellin suckls} but im sure you get the drift! Hope your Thanksgiving rocked. Muaaah

  6. Hey Arch,Glad to see they are finally getting your road paved. I wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving seeing that Monday is thanksgiving for you guys! May you stuff yourself silly and take a nap! LOL! That\’s what I do on Thanksgiving Day! LOL! ;)Love & Blessings,Martha

  7. ¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´¸¸.•´Happy Turkey Day Hugs n\’ Kisses {oxox}

  8. Im assuming[lol, never assume] that you had a great day yesterday eh? Mine was not to bad, although as you know, it didnt start out to good! lol Happy Monday, hugs

  9. Thanks for that Arch….I often wonder the same thing myself…it would be totally different than what it is now that\’s for sure! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we\’ll talk again soon.Love & Blessings,Martha

  10. Well it started out as a mess, but looks pretty good now.Take Care,Helen

  11. I\’m saying Hey! lol just so you know i was here!

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