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 One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.                        Bertrand Russell                                                                           


How do ya know it’s Laundry Day !!!

And I don’t just mean “Oh Hey !! Basket’s getting full, think I’ll do a load ‘a laundry.”I’m talkin down to the wire. When it’s time to start goin through the basket lookin for yer cleanest dirty shirt ‘n shorts kind’a “need to do the laundry !!!”.

The last thread as it were. The thing that says if ya don’t get at it, yer goin commando tomorrow. Is it the empty drawer, the tattered unders, the shirt with all the holes in it, that you can’t find the bedroom floor, the bra what’s missin a strap, or some-one hounding at ya cause they don’t know how to run the machines ???

What is it that gives you that signal ?? What is it that kicks ya in the azz and says …

“IT’S LAUNDRY DAY !!!” ???




For me, especially in the summer and even in the middle of September when it’s still nice ‘an hot out, it’s the X-mas ho-ho-ho under shorts. The absolute last pair in the drawer, the ones which when I pulls em out I can damn near hear em screamin …

“GET ‘ER DONE !!!!”

Time ta go get romancing the stove here kids so have a great one and will catch ya’all later






Posted September 19, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

14 responses to “Laundry Day !!

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  1. LMAO!!!! Nice Santa boxers hon!!! I\’ll tell ya EVERYDAY is laundry day here! With 3 kids and a hubby I can\’t let it go a day before somebody is saying " Mom where are my jeans." LOL! " Did you wash my favorite shirt?" LOL! Maybe the wash lady should go on strike. Boy that would get their attention real quick. 😉 Hope you have a great day and I\’ll talk to you again soon!Love & Blessings,Martha

  2. You don\’t have to tell me about construction. I know what you were feeling. When you move into a new subdivision and there construction going on everyday from monday to friday go figure in how much dust your dealing with. Just think how many times you have to pull out a dust cloth and start wipeing or even better how much dust you are inhaling a health issue been there done it not a pleasant thing to go through and who the hell wants to keep the windows closed all the time no fresh air sure and the hell not me. Laundry well theres only one answer to that issue kinda early on the christmas decorations don\’t you think what you need and maybe santa can be extra nice to you this year is a good dam women who will do your laundry for ya. Good luck, and to bad you didn\’t have any halloween boxers they would of been more apppropriate at this time of year lol. Take care snoopy.

  3. ROFLMAO!!! OMG Arhcie!!! You definetely outdone yourself this time hon> I cant believe it! Now everytime Im talkin to ya on msn, I am gonna be picturing ya in yer drawers! lol Nice knobby knees to btw! lol That was just so cute and sooooo You! I dont thnk there is parson in this world who procrastinates as much as me when it comes to laundry, mabey I have just met my match! lol As for the dust, yeah, I have lived through that and it sucks, and it seems neverending for sure. It always seems as if its twice as long on the street you happen to be livin on then the one across town. lol happy tuesday hoho! lol hugs

  4. I came back for the pic! To good to pass up! lol Da devil made me to it! lol hugs

  5. OMG – do the laundry & give your washer a thrill already – lol! Are you Santa – hehehe?

  6. Hey ARch! lol check out my theme album next time yer round! roflmao! Ooooh yeah i did it! lol hugs

  7. I know about dust… Try living by an exspessway. Your dusting job is never done! Trust me! Glad I don\’t anymore. But I\’m pretty close to a busy street, behind our backyard. I\’m not a dusting person tho. I start to try and the sneezing begins. Bad enought with the allergies I have going on right now. Be glad when we have our first cold snap and I\’ll be able to relax from them.I heard about the shit comment thing. I have to laugh. I\’m sorta surprised what we are aloud to say on tv and what were not. They should just except it all this day and age. You don\’t want to hear it. Turn off the tv. LOLLawndry time around here is just every 2 weeks for us. My Hubby will also let me know too. Even tho he knows, every 2 weeks. He likes to tell me things like I don\’t know anything, or telling me what I can hear, cause I have ears, or what I\’m seeing, cause God knows, I\’m blinde too. Trust me, he\’s the airhead around here, not me. If it were just me, I could go a month before doing the lawndry.NICE LEGS! =PTammy

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Yer gonna kill me! hugs

  9. hey dropping by to wish you a happy hump day!! And to get your addy so that I can send ya some undies! lolRoxy

  10. Girl by the name of Karla says shes single and lookin! lol Must be those legs! have a good one hon, hugs

  11. Happy Thursday Arch, hope yours is running smoother than mine bud. hugs

  12. Wow you\’ve been gone awhile, not to post something new anyways. You must have alot of lawndry!!! LMAO Hurry back! Miss ya!Tammy

  13. Hahahaha!! I loooooooooove that picture of the boxers! Sexy and silly all in one shot. 😉

  14. LOL!! Nice undies :o)Sorry its taken me so long to get back to ya – thanks for signing my guest map!! I absolutely hate laundry – so when I start to wear the ugly shirts to work – you know its time to do laundry!!Cheers :o)

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