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For certain is death for the born
And certain is birth for the dead;
Therefore over the inevitable
Thou shouldst not grieve.

                                                                                                                                    Bhagavad Gita


The fall of the Twin Towers is a subject which now ‘a days I find more and more leaves me somewhat at a loss of words. Or perhaps the problem is that there are just way too many words. As I sit and try to think of it, I find myself wondering aimlessly in thought, and quicker than I can say “Great horny toads … how da hell’d I get here !!!!” I find myself circling around till next thing I know I’m in a subway tube in London England or thinkin bout a buddy’s son over in Iraq who, so Tom tells me is getting shot at near daily while out on vehicle recovery missions as he is a diesel mechanic on tour over there at the moment.

In tryin to explain how I feel, I guess it best to try and explain it like this.


It does not grieve me so much that the incident of nine eleven came to pass as much as it grieves me that incidents such as this come about at all.


It is quite simply beyond my comprehension how in this day and age, as a species of animal claiming to be so intelligent, civilized, compassionate, and humane that we still have this little rock we call earth cut up into little wee bits and still fighting over economic power, Military power, religious beliefs, and every little morsel of natural resource like savage packs of greedy little hoarding animals.


Well I guess that’s about as blunt as blunt gets, eh. And please don’t take me the wrong way here. I’ve seen and admired quite a few tributes to the nine eleven incident and I’m sure I’ll see a few more as I wonder through spaces in the next couple’a days. It’s just my way not to single out and tribute events of this nature when there is oh so much more to think of. For instance do we forget about the French-Mahaffy sex slayings in St. Catherines today simply because it is September eleventh?


I spose If I were to say that this is a tribute to the events of 911, then I would have to say that although I don’t make a habit of remembering the date that it happened … I do remember it often and that when I do it is impossible not to think of the pain and suffering of the survivors and families of the victims in amongst the flood of thoughts that run rampant through my mind.


What I dream of is an art of balance.

Henri Matisse




Posted September 11, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Bright Side Blobs ~, ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

6 responses to “Tributes

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  1. well put my friend,….hugggssssshappy

  2. I totally agree, thats why I put it there, so much media coverage over Katrina lately, its like things go forgotten, but not for me, or you either obviously. Great job hon, as usual. Tomorrow I am going to put up a little spoof on the gas issue! lol I hope to have some fun with it, If I do one quarter of the job you did, I will be pleased. happy Sunday my friend and hugs

  3. Good morning ARch, well hon, I put my take on the gas situation up, lol not near as good as yours though, yours oughta be framed! lol happy monday and big hugs

  4. Hey Arch,I think you explained yourself just fine. Yesterday is the only thing I\’m going to have about 9/11 and today it\’s back to normal. As I said in my blog the best thing we can do is keep it business as usual.That way those sick SOBs don\’t win. Glad you enjoyed the Hispanic Heritage blog. I like siestas too but I never seem to get a chance to take one. LOL! Hope you have a great day and I\’ll talk to you again soon.Love & Blessings,Martha

  5. Ya know…Oklahoma city, an hour away from where I live in Tulsa, before 9-11 had a bombing too. On tv for weeks. I don\’t mean to take anything away from people, cause I do care, but can\’t we move on. We can\’t go back and fix any of it. I\’m sorta tired of talking about these things. LOL Just call me an ole sour puss. I\’ve heard before. Prolly won\’t be the last.OK, moving on! I got your message. I think you could do stand up comdey. I love the way you talk abou things! I was sorta mild about simmons cause I didn\’t want to upset anyone. I can\’t stand to see him on anything, much less the tv. Cry another river for me why don\’t ya. boo hoo. LOLI plan to get food tongiht, but it happening is another story. LOL We\’ll see. I just found out my Son is running for Student Council Treasurer. We have to make five posters for him. And the way I\’m thinking, they\’ll take all night. LOL I hope he gets it tho! I\’d vote for him. He\’s a good kid! That\’s not just Mom talkin.Anyway, enjoy your dinner, and HAPPY MODAY!!! =)Tammy

  6. Good morning Arch, I am so far behind today its not funny, I can see another blonde day is in store for me today, take care and I will talk to you soon. hugs p.s. eat something will ya? lol

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