Southern Discomfort   7 comments

            So up until now the only news and footage I’ve seen of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina has been on City TV out of Toronto on their Breakfast Television program, which is to say not a hell of a lot.

            Well I just today finally saw a few hours of coverage on CNN from down New Orleans way. I’m still in Awe, Stunned, Amazed and can’t even begin to imagine what it must surely feel like to loose every single nugget of evidence that you had had a life there. Or for that matter, and most likely for many, a life at all.

            Even the confusion of the looters held me in wonder. Where do they think they’re gonna go with all their swag. Where do they figure they’ll find a market for it? I spose though without any hydro they’re at a bit of a disadvantage as far as knowing just how bad things really are maybe. Perhaps they believe the city will be pumped clean in a couple days and business will be back to normal in a weeks’ time.

            At one point while watching I was even put in mind of the Titanic in that all the upper class bailed ship in the life boats (their planes, trains, and automobiles) while the lower class were stuck below decks left to pray that they would be saved as well. In this case up on rooftops, waving from widows, out on balconies, wading waste deep through the streets and of course the twenty some odd thousand stuck in the super dome. And, dare I mention, the as of yet unaccounted for, and the dead. .. Enough said about that though, eh.

            Yet here’s a peculiar thing. Through all of that one still can’t help but think about the things surrounding it which really don’t mean a damn thing. For instance with all the strife in the big easy right now, in my minds eye El Presidante’ BooBoo Bush seems to me as important as a gnat bitin at some stray dogs azz yet I’m curious to see what happens with his approval ratings once the military starts kickin azz and getting things happenin down there. Least I surely hope they get makin some headway there soon cause, ..  DAMN !!!!

            Other things start drifting in as well afterwards like the price of gas goin up and all that kind’a crap but I’ll tell ya what … While watchin CNN with Brenna and er old man there really wasn’t a whole lot bein said. More or less just little one, two and three word phrases like;

     Shyte !!!

                Hoooleeee !!!

                                          Falk !!!

    Hoooleee Falk !!!

                           Hoooleee Shyte !!!


Hooooleeee Falking Shyte !!!


            What would ya say to these people if ya saw em face to face. How would ya say “have a great day”, “hope ya get things squared away real soon”, “cheer up, it’s not so bad”. Yikes !!!

So I’m just sittin here now …

With a glass of water in front of me …

Lookin at it …




Posted September 1, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

7 responses to “Southern Discomfort

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  1. i too am still in what i believe must be shock as well,……so much pain and devistation,…..death and distruction,….i cannot imagine how one would simply pick up the peices of ones life and simply move on,…..,… i sit in my home,…with my clean bottle of non polluted drinking water,…and toast and jam,…..with all the comforts of ,….home,…..happy,……

  2. Do you believe this? Your page has finally allowed me to enter. this is only like my 4th try today! But it was worth the wait, wonderful blog hon, I find my eyes peeking toward the ocean these past few days, wondering… What if.. But I hate to go there.Can\’t be all negative, I have a yard sale coming up for the victims. I only hope it helps. big hugs

  3. Good morning sunshine. thought Id take advantage of msn while its hot for me today and say hello and wish you a fantastic weekend. hope to talk to you soon.hugs

  4. My heart goes out to these people. But I feel anger as well towards those heartless pieces of shits and thats what they are how can another human being that is going through the same tremendous and horrifying act of mother nature loot and steal from others. It makes me feel what this world is all about and right now I don\’t think to highly of this world. I sit here now as I type thinking back to what I heard and read as a young girl. It was the act of mother nature that will one day destroy this planet earth but down deep I know it will be us as humans that will one day eventually destroy all wipe out the entire world and for what. You tell me. Have a good day.

  5. the damage caused by Katrina is sad :(I hope you enjoy the long weekend

  6. All that vacuuming, are you done yet? lol don\’t forget the dance to the swiffer! lol Have a super long weekend hon, hugs

  7. Morning Arch, I knid of slept in a little today, hehe. I was sooo tired. Hope you are having a lazy Sunday, relax , sit down, and enjoy your day, at least you have the cleaning out of the way for awhile. big hugs hon

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