The Bobbit Prayer   3 comments

If there is no God, who pops up the next Kleenex?

          So yeah, does anybody remember the Bobbits? Was quite some while ago but pretty hard to forget a story like that in the news. So the story goes, the Bobbits’ were havin a tough go of it and one night the Mrs. slipped down to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, went back up to a sleeping Mr. Bobbit and slices off the poor mans wee-knee. Took off in the car and hucked it out the window. Can’t just remember what became of her but he got it sewed back on and went on to enjoy a bit of a career in pornography as I recall. Yeah hey, who wouldn’t want to check out what Bobbit’s bobbed bit would look like after bein sewed back on and all the plastic surgery and all done on to it … right ??? .. lol .. Well not I, but obviously there’s no shortage of those who would so there ya go.

          Anyhow, one’a my sis’n laws emailed this little ditty to me a while back and I just turned it up goin through the read mail folder the other day so my laugh is yer laugh. .. lol


Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray my penis I will keep

And if I wake and it is gone

I hope to find it on the lawn

I hope the dog that is running free

Doesn’t see that part of me

Many precautions I must take

To keep this part I love to shake

Much attention I must pay

To assure I put the knives away

The mower, the chainsaw, the hatchet too

Why? There’s no telling what she might do

To protect me and my manly charm

I must keep it safe and away from harm

So I cross my fingers, as I close my eyes

And I cross my legs to avoid surprise!

Author: Unknown

            Well lucky me fer the time bein anyway, gets ta go ta sleep feelin pretty safe so long as da door is locked. But yeah, I can remember when this happened and it seemed every guy from here to there was somewhat concerned about the old “copy cat crime” syndrome thing visiting them in their sleep. . lol .

            Ok so I just did a quick search and found a short story on It would appear that this guy just loves ta be in the news. It’s a quick read if yer interested, with a wee bit about his beheading as it were back in 1993 and as well it seems he done got his self into a bit more trouble back in may 2002. So here’s the link if ya got a couple minutes, tells the story a wee bit better than I can for sure . lol .

          ~~  Bobbitt arrested on domestic violence charge  ~~

            Wanna know another of my favourite quotes. Sure ya do, eh!!

“If it can happen, it either already has or it damn sure will.” . lol


Dat’s it, dat’s all for today  folks. Hope ya had a great one and don’t forget to get humped on hump day, eh!!

Oh and yeah, sleep well and sweet dreams guys. . lol

Smiles and Hugs for da gals



Posted August 30, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

3 responses to “The Bobbit Prayer

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  1. what the heck did I miss? Why do you have a new one?! geez..

  2. LMAO!!! Hilarious! Yeah I remember the Bobbitts! lol and that email was funny, a bit hard to read though, the colors I think, or mabey it is just my poor old tired eyes that are straining to read! lol I am running late today, so i will make this a quickie! lol Hump day and all, but i will be back later to read the insert. big hugs hon.

  3. See anything can happened while a man sleep lose a penis. Can even lose some money that he doesn;t even remember having due to being drunk the night before. See with men they sleep through anything its usually the women who when hear noises in the house durning the night has to go check it out can\’t wake the old bastard up. You men out there all sleep well as you could be another victim. Just don\’t piss us off lol.

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