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The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously


         I was out doin some strayin last night and came upon a space called catskaos where I read an interesting little blog that made me immediately think of the “Who’s on First” gag performed by Abbott and Costello oh so many years ago. .. lol.. (Ok, Ok, ~~ it wasn’t that long ago .. lol) The name of the blog is Sound Familiar? and the permalink to it is right here for anyone who cares to go give it a read.   http://spaces.msn.com/members/catskaos/Blog/cns!1pC-TfgAFDxrBZb0rfHrsS4Q!411.entry

            So anyway my curiosity is piqued now to see what comes up if I do a Google search for “Who’s on First” and of course there’s a bunch’a stuff comes up. First one I checked had the whole damn thing in text. I started reading it and was laughing pretty good .. lol .. Thinkin there had to be audio of it somewhere I went to another site and there it was. Just like finding GOLD !!!! .. lol


              Oh man, I’m tell’n ya I laughed my frickin azz off listening to them two nuts goin on. Talk about  OMGROTFLMF’nAO.  Whatever the dillio all’a that means .. lol .. So yeah, I’m sharing it with you all, right?? You bet I am. For those of you who already know of  ”Who’s on First” you know yer gonna love it, and for the rest … Welcome to the campfire kiddies .. lol


                      ****Who’s on First ****  


            Oh and the bunker is still under construction with a bunch’a more updating to be done yet but I’m takin the day off from that I think so I figured I’d give ya’s a little something new. Give me a few days’ kids and I’ll have things pretty close to back to normal.


            Well have a good time all, take care and be good. ..

Ciao for now


Oh and a large PS;   I’ve still not got a profile for myself with this addy cause I haven’t bin able to think of a personal nic for myself yet… Hmmmm … How bout the Bunker’s Junker … lol     


Posted August 27, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

10 responses to “Who’s on First

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  1. August 25 7:55 AMlol! I love Abbott and Costello, I will be sure to check that out. Give the name a bit more thought! lol hugs

  2. August 25 3:52 PMjust came from that link, it was great, Im not getting any different url for your space, all it says is shortcut! lol so I will change the name ok? thanks for the reassurance today! lol i felt totally naked and exposed. That is not something I am used to. hugs

  3. August 26 7:05 AMGood morning Arch, did you finish cutting the grass? lol How long did it take you? Don\’t worry, pretty soon you will be shoveling! lol YUCK! have a fantastic weekend, big hugs

  4. August 26 5:10 PMYaaay, I be here with updated link and all!! =)

  5. August 27 8:09 AMMy Saturday morning would not be complete without stopping by for my morning coffee and visit! lol Happy weekend hon, hugs

  6. I remember watching Abbott and Costello every Sunday morning love those two guys they were such characters. They made my Sundays. Take care and have a good one

  7. I love your latest entry of "Three Truths"! Fantastic job. :-)*Big Hugs*

  8. Well I have finally made it here! lol next time I want to visit, i will definetely NOT put my status to online! lol I think I like it better set to away, just thought I\’d be different today. So how is your Sunday going hon? Mine is so busy, got a ton of things left to do, and no time! lol Happy Sunday and big hugs

  9. Ok. I changed the url, and I still landed here! What am I doing wrong? HELP! lol Happy Monday Arch.

  10. Hey thanks for the hint, I never thought of that, and I have had to use it to view a couple peoples blogs, they just don\’t appear on the space and if I go to the blog button I do get to see them…..what a pain huh?On the three truths….I always say there are three sides to it…yours, mine and somewhere in the middle the truth…….I think I like your version better though!Havea great day!C U round!

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