Aug 09, Take Me To the Moon .. And Back   7 comments


Hey there … Like so many others I suspect, I was watching the shuttle land this morning and came upon a curiosity. It was the pictures of it on the ground where I noticed it and realized that I had noticed it before. In fact I do believe I’ve noticed it every time I’ve watched a shuttle land. It’s all that black sooty looking crap on the topside of the shuttle where it is so nice and white at the start of the mission.

            Now I can’t say with any certainty but my guess is that this black sooty looking stuff is a result of the re-entry, coming through the ionosphere and having to do with super heating what little air there is up there and turning it to plasma. I am curious however if there are any elements in air which when heated in such a fashion would give off such a carbon like sooty residue or if what we are seeing is a result of pollution or perhaps even the surface of the heat shield tiles burning to some small degree. The second of these thoughts I highly doubt myself, but felt it worthy of mention. Ah, perhaps it’s nothing. Perhaps it’s just a bit of this and that from start to finish. Perhaps some of it is from the lift off, some from the dust floating around in outer space and some of it, of course, from re-entry and the landing.

            The burning question which begs to be asked however is this. If we, the most intelligent creature indigenous to this planet, had developed cleaner energy sources and methods of propulsion which wouldn’t have polluted the atmosphere such as we have, would these shuttles be as squeaky clean when they come down as when they go up????


Oh, and a large PS  ; There was not a doubt in my mind that this ship and it’s crew would make it back safe, sound and in one piece. Right on and Welcome Home!!!!


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7 responses to “Aug 09, Take Me To the Moon .. And Back

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  1. August 10 10:07 AMWhoohoo!! You updated! lol A big welcome home from me to Arch, and to try and answer your burning question…hhmmm..thats a toughie! I\’m thinking if we were really that smart, and had clean enviornmently friendly fuels, then we would also have the knowledge to be living on these other planets! lol But hey, thats just one of my many blonde moments of the day. Happy Hump Day Arch! and big hugs to you.

  2. August 10 3:32 PMReally liked your hand paintings, very interesting.

  3. August 11 7:56 AMWell now! I think this IS a first! lol You beat me to int indeed. lol But thats ok, at least ya came by, always good to hear from you. big hugs big guy!

  4. August 11 10:32 PMhi.. that\’s all I got today lol

  5. August 12 1:33 AMThanks for coming by and saying hey Archie =D

  6. August 12 7:13 AMGood morning Arch! How are the gas prices up there? Im so pissed! $1.06 per liter! blah. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth just saying it. I hope it is not affecting you seeing as you are a trucker. hugs

  7. August 13 9:04 AMMorning Arch, my son has left for Ont. I have a very empty nest. Hope things are better for you. hugs

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