June 16/05 – Missed Say Something Nice Day   3 comments

 Well as typing is not my forte I’m trying something else today. This would be the, I talk, It types method. I’m sure I’ll have to make a few corrections   and spend some more time with the voice recognition Training center but will see how it goes.


 You know, it takes me a long time to get through my little circle of spaces. Of those I visit, well, what I call regularly I generally enjoy my visits there and spend a good bit of time. I find that I get distracted easily, between reading blogs, some of the comments, and get spinning through couple of links, playing games, checking of the photos and maybe leave a comment, before I know it a couple of hours has gone by. 

For example, when signing guest book day came along it took me three days to get around my little circle of visited spaces. I often have a hard time keeping all my thoughts in order and after reading through all the blogs my thoughts often get a little jumbled and multiply that when it comes to writing.  I’ll think about what I want to say and then when I go to type it I often forget how I was wanting to say it and end up having to rethink the whole thing.

As you can well imagine, this also affects the way I write blogs. I don’t know how often I’ve sat down to write a blog and end up canceling it because by the time I got to the keyboard I had forgotten how I was wanting to say it or even just lose my train of thought while concentrating on typing.

Writing has been a bane of mine  for as long as I can remember affecting my grades since the first time the teacher ever told me to write an essay until today and probably will as far into the future as I can see.

Having said all that, say something nice day has just come and gone and by the time I found out about it, it was just too late for me to get started on such a seemingly mammoth task so I have decided to say something nice to all of you here in a blog.


 It is a pleasure to know you all through this medium as it pleases me to know that I am welcome to visit your spaces and as well, just as pleasing to see that you stop by the bunker from time to time.

From the emotions, imaginations, insightfulness, humor, creativity, camaraderie and passions in both blogs and comments to the layouts, graphics, moods set by backgrounds, all the different icons, pictures, games, siggies, the helpfulness to one and other and from banding of spirit as in all who participated in the signing of the petition in Jens space. It is and has been from the get go, a fun and rewarding experience. So yeah, I’ll be getting around to all of you in time. Definitely not as often as I would like, but hey, it will be at my speed.


Man, I’ll tell you what. .. If it weren’t for this dictation thing there’s no way in hell you’d be reading this right now. Definitely still have more work to do with voice recognition. As much for me as for the computer I fear, as I am a bit of a  redneck at heart and my pronunciation of the English language is not exactly what you could call meticulous. All in all I must say it looks like this could turn out to be a pretty advantageous tool for me.


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3 responses to “June 16/05 – Missed Say Something Nice Day

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  1. June 16 7:06 PMargh! plz help this poor child, she can\’t figure out to put pics in the middles or tops of blogs rather than just the end…. and how the heck do you make your text size larger??!!

  2. hi archie, longtime between visit,s sorry about that but have been playing in my garden and now that the summer is almost over, now i will have a lot of work to do getting ready for winter, o man that hurts just to say it lol , just got back from mackinac island so have a lot of new pic\’s for you to look at . by for now do drop in tess

  3. whoohoo! thanks for the link to this. my younger cat does not want me typing tonight, but I wanted you to know I read it and appreciated it. 🙂

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