June 11/05 – Inspired by ATWG   6 comments

Inspired by ATWG’s Sharing is Caring blog, June 7th


I often recall back of my drunken younger years, some of the close calls I’ve had driving while intoxicated. Drunk, that is!! Skunk Stinkin Drunk!!! Never should ‘a bin anywhere’s near to the pilot seat of any motorized vehicle kind ‘a Drunk!!!. Whenever I think of this, I shudder to think of someone exibiting the same behaviour today!! Today it is ATWG who has brought this subject matter to the forfront of me wee nugget, and got me thinking of some of the differences on the roadways between Then and NOW!!

Back in the day, 70s and 80s, there was a quite great tolerance for drinking and driving. Of the crime DWI (driving while intoxiced), one could almost go so far as to say, Almost Allowable!! I don’t know how many times I’d gotten pulled over while driving like a drunken sloth, and told simply to drive it straight home and, park the keys. The procedure then, was to wait til the cop pulled out ‘a sight, then off like a tire squeeling Drunken Skunk to the next bar. Ya know that line some folk use when speaking of the crazy things they did when they was young … ger *winks … *, the ole "is a wonder I’m still here" line??…

It is no small wonder that the laws have gotten so agressive in this new age when dealing with this matter of Driving While Intoxicated, and oh-so understandibly so.
    Today …
The population is greater
    Today … There is how many times more ashfault
    Today … There is how many more cars on the road
    Today … The increased number of pedestrians
    Today … The later hours of the night life

Today … More bicycles, skateboards, roller blades
TodayThe greater odds of getting in an accident per driven mile

and the number one reason laws have become so aggressive is ………..

    Today … The odds of ~Needing to be Sober~  to make it home alive, unharmed, and without causing ingury and or death to others, have increased Exponentially as well.

 … Drive SAFE and SOBER Kids … Have a great one.


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6 responses to “June 11/05 – Inspired by ATWG

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  1. June 11 6:30 PMAw you didn\’t need to do that … I don\’t mind getting my hits under my own merit. 😉

  2. June 11 8:47 PMIt\’s only been 2 weeks …. I\’d rather not think of some other girl picking up his phone first thing in the morning …. at least not just yet. :-)Take care

  3. June 11 11:03 PMI know what you are saying this city is becoming something like toronto. Another thing as far as I\’m concern the closing of the bars later then it was years ago we have more late night drunk drivers. A friend of mine drunk killed a young boy and to this day he will not touch a drink he had to learn the hard way but sometime people still don\’t learn, even when its to late.

  4. June 13 1:13 AMgreat blog.. hope you had a good weekend

  5. June 13 9:59 AMScary isn\’t it? Have a great week. hugs

  6. June 13 12:00 PMwow never was aware of that difference, i guess cause I gre up in the time of MADD, that I dont know it ever being anything different…I really apprecaite your comment on my blog… sometimes I just get really hard on myself.. and the outside opinion helps me put my overcritical self in perspective… thank you 🙂

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