May 6/05 Cedar Point … Eh !!!   Leave a comment

I myself have never been to Cedar Point, but after seeing these pics of this coaster … DAMN !!! …  … Let me at it. …  … One of these days … eh. … My brother got these pics from a friend of his and sent them on to me (Thanx Bro) so I have absotootly no idea who that pretty young, fun lovin gal in the last pic is. All’s I know is that I just about busted a stitch when I happed across it for the first time. … As the coaster itself is pretty damn fine and the story line just priceless, I figured this was just way to much to be hoarding for myself. So here ya go kids … Watch out for the wet spot.
   … Have a great day, will talk to yas later …

Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

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