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It just never ceases to amaze me that ppl with so little experience in matters of the heart can presume to know so much about it. For example, a 14 year old suffering a broken heart now knows for certain that Love is a lie … it does not exist … the whole “True Love” thing is bullshit. … Well what the hell … I spose there’s enough ppl of a more seasoned age who think somewhat along the same lines as well. … So hey, Please indulge me while I put forth my opinion on the matter.

 … Personally I believe that in general, we go about relationships from the wrong direction. It seems to me that we are all looking for this curious and elusive thing called Love. If someone says to you, “hey, so and so and myself are going to get married”, the first questions you might ask are, ” are you sure that you Love this person and does this person Love you ???”  Perhaps we should try going into relationships under terms we can better understand and accept. I’m thinking it would be a whole lot easier to go into a relationship and concentrate on the friendship without all the clutter that comes with trying to figure out if it is “True Love” or not. I myself have come to believe that, in the end, there is only one absolute. … If you can-not maintain the friendship ~~~ you will never know the Love. … Love after all is not something that you can build. It quite simply is, or it is not. Perhaps the greatest difference between Love and friendship is that you have a certain amount of controll in and over a friendship, Love on the other hand more or less controlls US.

geez … I do believe that’s got it pretty much covered so take care and don’t be afraid to fill yer boots …   

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Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Bright Side Blobs ~

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  1. Archie I was reading Kim\’s blog and comments when I came across yours so I thought that I would take a look and I have to tell you that I think that what u wrote is so true and it is to bad that more people don\’t think the same as u. It really made me think. Thank You

  2. yeah, amen! I remember seeing this before, I remember commenting before,hmm.. changing of the guard? or shall I say bunkers? You know, not to sound like a biotch or anything, but sometimes, this to can pass.i remember \’being in love" I think our perspectives change though as we season,lol,And I really believe that once you find love and are lucky enough to know what it really feels like, you should hang onto it for dear life, cuz I also believe it aint happening again. You may "think" you are in love, but its probably gas. And as we age, we begin to be set in our ways, ideals we once thought we wanted, we dont anymore. We learn to stand on our own two feet, not depend on somebody else to get us there. And when we do decide to take that plunge, all of a sudden we aint standing our own to feet anymore, all of a sudden after years of doing it "our" way, ya have to consider "their" way.Sometimes I could kick my ass, but i have said waaaaay to much here,lol Thanks for the reread.

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