May 20/05 Safety First, Eh …   7 comments

 … So i’ve a bit of aluminium here to take to the scrapper, but first it’s to be cleaned up to get full price for it. Nuts’n blolts, rivets, weather stripping, all that kind’a crap. So I’m gettin near the end and get the grinder out to take down the rivet ends so’s they’ll punch out, get er plugged in and ready to go and think SAFETY GLASSES !!! Lets see, ~~~ only have about a dozzen left to grind down and the glasses are a whole ten steps away
I’ll be carefull I’m thinking … I’ll aim the grinder wheel awayfrom me I says … It’ll only take a couple minutes … I’LL BE FINE, EH … Grind, Grind, Grind. Yada, Yada, Yada … Two more rivets to go …
 Its not a case of should’a known better, Its plain and simple a case of I do know better.
Now I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten a piece of steel in yer eye, but i can tell you this. a piece of dirt is comforting by comparison. You can feel that sucker in there scraping away like nobody’s business. You can feel it carving into your cornea like a diamond into glass. You feel the pain, burning sensation, eyes watering profusely, can’t see the shit yer stepping in and all you can think is to get to water to get it flshed out. … Tryin to do ninety mile an hour, I’ve got my head under the faucet tryin to get it out … No go. … Dumping a bottle of water onto it and still gettin nowhere. … I fills the sink (cold of course, no water heater in da bunker) an dunks me whole face into it. ~~~ OOOOPS ~~~ Helps to take a breath and hold it first. The hell of it too is that by now yer eye is so fugged up that you can’t even be sure if you’ve got it or not. So after about half a dozzen dunkins and a couple more bottle washes, I’m finally thinkin that its out’a there. Here I am three hours later, eye still watering, sore and bloodshot, but I don’t feel anything movin round in there and it’s deffinately not gettin any worse so I’m considering myself lucky and you can bet that for the next couple days … I’ll be Keeping An Eye on it !!!
      And what do you spose is the moral of this storry
                    All together now Kiddies
                    SAFETY FIRST, EH !!!

Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

7 responses to “May 20/05 Safety First, Eh …

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  1. Hey…thanks for the entries on my page 😉 and i think its a good comparison! makes your point. I\’ve never seen that link for the movies… I shall add it in. Thanks again ~ Cheers

  2. May 20 11:37 AMLOL love the cartoon… and yes safety first when ANY sort of object is flying at high speeds… spit, bugs, and dust LOL 😛

  3. May 20 2:45 ouch!! Steel in your eye?! I can\’t even imagine how painful that would be.. I hope you are going to see an eye doctor to make sure there is no damage

  4. May 20 3:15 PMcommon sense silly safety first. Did you not learn that in any shop classes in school they tell you that safety first. But sometimes we don\’t think with the right head and before you know it it happens oops to late we say to ourselves next time I will be more careful, and are we. Thats a decission you have to make. Some accidents can be preventable but in your case well I won\’t say have a good day and hope your eye is feeling better and if not I order you to get to a doctor right away. Take care

  5. May 20 9:27 PMHAHAHAHA Murphy. I thought my other half only had that kind of luck.

  6. May 24 6:16 PMgross. u made me throw up in my mouth.

  7. May 25 7:14 PMHoly … I find you on another space preaching about how we shouldn\’t be bashing each other (beit, and i quote, "woman bashing, man bashing, black bashing, white bashing, etc and whatever, etc) … and you do it … nice to see there are still hypocrites in this world making the rest of us look good.

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