May 13/05 A Full Day’s Work, Eh ???   1 comment

… So I’m out in da bunker this am, havin java and smokes an watchin da news and lo in behold. Why, If they  don’t start up on this political turmoil, what with all this nonconfidence vote thing  coming up. ~ ~ ~ So they gettin these clowns to do interviews of course … always a good photo op … They get Steve Harper up there first yapping on bout he can be angry when the time calls for it(Yaaaaaa Hoooooooie), and then of course, up comes Paul Martin. I’m waiting in a chilled anticipation to hear the words of wisdom coming from our P.M.(Har Har Har, gigle, gigle) ~ ~ ~ And whats he tell the people over whom he rules ??? … lol … Is This. >>>  That the nonconfidence vote will be held NEXT Thursday (Yeah … Note : a whole week from now) and then goes on to say that he figures the Canadian public deserve nothing less than "A" full days work out of the liberal party between now and then. … lol … I’m impressed. I impress easilly I guess. I’m thinkin, "Good F’n deal, A full days work it the course of an entire week. … lol … Where do I sign up ???

Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

One response to “May 13/05 A Full Day’s Work, Eh ???

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  1. lol! Sign me up to while yer at it, I could use a nice little tidy govt check, even if it is only for a days work. cute Arch! hugs

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