May 10/05 Where’s That Friggin Iggy Button !!!   1 comment


        Hmmm … Just came out of a chat room and feel the need for a wee rant. I’ve a bit of a head scratcher goin on here tryin to figure out which pizzes me off more. The "Freaks", vs the "Good Folk".

        First there’s the freaks what go into chatrooms with the sole intent of stirrin up shit. Shrouded in anonymity, these cracker heads don’t have too far to go to get all the entertainment value they crave. Jumping from  room to room, gettin as many people flustered as they possibly can, and lovin every minute of it. … Now you might say "Thats what yer ignore buttin’s for", and oh so right you are.

~ ~ ~ CLICK ~ ~ ~

        Phewwww …. thats the last I’ll see of him. (coincidently, these hedonist crackerheads do seem for the most part to be men. Enough said, eh !) ……… Damn I wish that’s where the story ends!!!  But it aint!! ……. At times there could be as many as ten people who selflessly take up the cause to enter into a battle of witts with the idiot. Thinking what ???  That they’s gonna beat this guy down, chase him from the room??? And don’t we all know by now that you can-not win an argument gainst an idiot??? Figure it out!! The idiot is either too braindead to realize he’s lost the fight, or he’s getting exactly the responce he’s looking for and will stay there and milk it for all its worth. … Hmmmm … Just like the old saying, keep puttin food in the trough, and the pig will keep coming to feed. …

        Hence, part two ‘a the pizz me off. The Good Folk!!! Having to watch these good people banging they’s heads against the walls in a relentless pizzin contest for what seems like hours on end. The very same people I consider to be a pretty good lot ‘a folk when NOT being accosted by these hedonist freaks, are now pizzin me off as much as the freak in the first place. The very same people who would put a thousand harmless porn ad bots on the ignore list and brag about it like they’ve done humanity some great service. And here they are lowering themselves even below the mentality of the ‘crackerhead shyte disturber’. …….. So I get to the point such that I can’t take it any more …. Options !!! … I need options!!! … Lets see, where’s that friggin iggy button???


       There!!! Problem solved!!! …. I’ve got half the room on ignore and the other half ain’t sayin nothin. ………. Okaaaaay, … option number two. … How’s about that little red "X" way up there in the top right corner of da window. ~ ~ ~ CLICK ~ ~ ~ Ahhhhhhh ~ ~ ~ Peace at last …



Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

One response to “May 10/05 Where’s That Friggin Iggy Button !!!

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  1. Lol! I have used that option myself a few times! Good for you Arch, you don\’t need that crap. hugs

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