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      I’ve always bin in quandary as to what esactly is meant by “extra terrestrials”. Is this as much as to say that they’s an over abundance of aliens?? More than what’s necessary?? Kind ‘a like someone runnin up the street with a half ‘a dozen spare tires in the trunk?? Let’s just suppose for a moment that I had three testicles. Would that make me an “extra testicular”???




      outer-space biology; a branch of biology concerned with the possibility that life forms exist on other planets and with the problems of adapting the Earth’s life forms to alien environments. Also called space biology.

      Yes people … The threat does exist. It is as real as the fact that you are stting there reading this … If we get clever enough, we’ll be able to reach out and screw up other civilizations and destroy bigger, better planets.



Posted August 23, 2005 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

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